Top Talent Scholarship Winners

  • I enjoyed my experience with E6, due to the fact that I was connected with other teenagers that were planning their futures, as I am. E6 simplified the process of looking for scholarships by putting it all in one place.

  • Equals6 has allowed me to make valuable connections and participate in insightful discussions with fellow students. I will use this award to alleviate the cost of textbooks for university!

  • Participating in the Equals6 community has been a rewarding experience, providing a venue for me to learn from my peers and to contribute my own knowledge where possible. This scholarship will allow me to support the cost of books and other school materials for the coming year. Thank you!

  • E6 has allowed me to communicate with many different people by sharing ideas and opinions on all topics. This website is a very unique idea and I love all the features and opportunities available on it. I will be using this scholarship to help cover the costs for university!

  • Equals6 has exposed me to a vast network of students with similar interests to my own. Sharing ideas and opinions with the community has helped me develop new perspectives and has fostered my critical thinking skills. I plan to use this award to fund my studies at Langara College towards a BSN in nursing. Thanks E6!

  • Equals6 has given me and many other students the opportunity to share ideas, goals, and encouragement amongst a community. I am extremely fortunate to have been accepted for the Equals6 Top Talent Scholarship and will prioritize the Scholarship towards academic finances in my upcoming second-year at Brock University.

  • E6 has been nothing but a positive learning and social networking experience right from day one! Everyone on the site is respectful, kind and has a genuine thirst for knowledge. Great site! Thank you E6!

  • Thus far, Equals6 has been great to me. It has given me an opportunity to crowdfund, share my academic interests and connect me with other students across the globe! My favourite part is the discussion boards where I can have educated discussion about topics that really matter to me.

  • E6 is a fun community where I've had a great time participating in brainstorms in particular. Its also a great opportunity for scholarships! This scholarship will help me finance my studies while continuing with my involvement in the community: helping develop youth, something that I love to do!

    • Cheryl L
    • University of Western Ontario
    • gold medal +3615

    My experience with E6 has been enriching and has allowed me to interact with other bright individuals. I hope to continue making a difference in my community through the award.