Top Talent Scholarship Winners

  • Ever since I joined equals6, I have been enjoying it. Making connections with higher educated people and hearing their ideas has definitely helped me to decide about my future plans. Everyday there are new brainstorms, group discussions and events to join. I would like to thank you equals6 for helping me and so many others like me in post secondary studies with your scholarships!

  • Firstly, when I started out with Equals6 this past year I doubted to win or get anything, now I feel like Equals6 can benefit anybody. I love making new friends with all the interactions we get to do, and we are able to tell our personal story. Secondly, with the scholarship, I will gladly spend it on my school fees for upcoming January 2014 semester. Hopefully I can use it to pay for my tuition, or my school books.

  • E6 is a great and active community that has allowed me to come together with like-minded individuals to share our stories, our motivations, and our keys to success in order to help one another grow and be the best version of ourselves. With the award, I hope to lessen the burden of my student loans.

  • Equals6 has opened up several opportunities for me through its amazing network connections, employment services and reflection panels. Thank you Equals6, because of you I am that much closer in life to reaching my ambition of becoming a Cardiologist.

  • E6 was a great way to expose myself to career opportunities, academic resources and amazing people that I didn't know existed. With my ECE workload it was hard to make time to network but E6 was definitely worth it.

  • I am grateful for E6 because it allows me to interact with other students and rewards hard work (both academically and participation on the website) with scholarships. I plan to put the scholarship money towards an education at a bible college and study there for my own personal growth.

  • Equals6 has given me the opportunity to connect with students from all over the country! This scholarship money will go towards paying off my university tuition. Thanks Equals6!

  • E6 has helped foster my critical thinking skills and exposed me to others thoughts and opinions about different topics, which is very important for writing in university and will be very helpful for my chosen career. This scholarship will be put towards paying for my tuition. Thank you E6.

  • As an E6 user I am pleased with my experience using the website. I was able to talk to many students from different schools and programs and gain new knowledge towards scholarship applications and program information. With this award it will allow me to purchase my supplies needed to be successful in my next semester of the RN program.