Top Talent Scholarship Winners

  • I have promised myself that I will fight through all barriers and weave through all obstacles in order to achieve success and reach my life's maximum potential. When your life flashes before your eyes, make sure you havet plenty to watch.

  • Equals6 is a great place to network and discuss goals with other students and is a great community with a positive attitude. I've enjoyed my time spent here so far and this scholarship is an added bonus that is going right back towards my education. Thanks Equals6! Equals6 really is a great place to network, a big thanks to you and your team for making the site such a fun place to go. I especially like the brainstorms section (I've spent hours just reading through other students' posts).

    • Heather P
    • Sacred Heart Catholic High School
    • gold medal +10530

    To begin with, I would like to thank Equals6 for this generous scholarship! Equals6 is an amazing networking site that provides students with many great opportunities. This money will definitely be going into my tuition for university: my first step towards a job in International Development!

  • Being an aspiring physician, I am currently completing my B.Sc at McGill University. I would like to, with the uttermost sincerity, express my gratitude to Equals6. Thank you for being an excellent platform, a valuable resource.

  • Ever since I entered high school, I knew I wanted to be an ecologist. I love finding connections between life on Earth, and wish to turn this interest into a profession. The Top Talent Scholarship will be a major part in getting me closer to this goal as it will become part of my tuition for university. Equals6 has opened so many doors for me and given me so many opportunities to make my academic life easier. It provides all the tools needed for high school students.

  • I am graduating this summer and I plan on going on to study both English and Political Sciences in university. This scholarship will go towards paying for my tuition. Thank you Equals6 both for this scholarship and for creating such an interesting and vibrant online community for students.

  • I hope to attend McGill in September 2013 to study Psychology with an ultimate goal of studying Neuroscience in Year 2. Thanks to Equals6, I am even closer to this aim; this scholarship will help me with tuition for next year, thus making my dream a reality.

  • Brainstorms, my favorite aspect of equals6, provide stimulating conversations with like-minded people. I am studying fish physiology and plan on attending a marine fishes course at Bamfield Marine Sciences Center, which offers field and lab experience not found in normal lectures. This scholarship would go towards that unique course.

  • Equals6 has helped me meet others with the same goals as me, who have the same dedication to nursing. This scholarship will help me pay for the very high costs of the nursing program I am about to begin.

  • Equals6 has a professional yet friendly atmosphere that sets it apart from other networking sites. There are many groups and discussions and basically, something for everyone. I really appreciate Equals6 for providing me with this scholarship and I plan on using the money for university next fall. Thank you, Equals6!