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Scholarship of the DEAD 2 All Schools

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  • Field of Study: All
  • Scholarship Type: Scholarship
  • Available: 1
  • Deadline: Sep 30, 2013
  • Countries Available to: all
  • States Available to: all

Provided by: Equals6

You wake up and look at your Twitter. People seem worried and panicked; someone is tweeting for BRAINS!
You know what this is and are prepared. You grab your zombie survival bag and start your journey...

Will you gather your friends or go solo? Will you head to a family cabin in the woods, grab a tent, or barricade the doors and stay put?

This scholarship will be awarded to one living student from either Canada or the US. You will be required to write a minimum 250 word essay, story, or report on how you will survive!  Winner will be selected by the E6 team and will be awarded a scholarship!


Register as a student in  Login and go to the scholarship section. Beside the scholarship listing is an “Apply” button.  Click “Apply” and provide your contact information.

Email your submission to with the subject line:  Scholarship of the DEAD

NOTE: We will catch some variations of the subject line:  Scholarship of the DEAD but not all of them so please be very careful and use the correct subject line! Also it makes our staff happy and happy staff works in your favor!

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