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US Students - Top Talent Scholarship All Schools

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  • Field of Study: All
  • Scholarship Type: Scholarship
  • Available: 3
  • Deadline: Sep 30, 2013
  • Countries Available to: United States
  • States Available to: all

Provided by: Equals6

The US Students Top Talent Scholarships are awarded to US high school and/or university/college students based on academic achievement and Equals6 community participation.

Each student receives points toward a total scholarship award score based upon the following criteria,

1. Grade average as a numerical percentage (grade out of 100) which should be for the most recent full academic year. 2. Equals6 Profile completion percentage.  3. Number of colleagues in your Equals6 network.  4. Post an article or video in Resources.  5.  Creation of an Equals6 Group  6.  Creation of an Equals6 Brainstorm  7. Joining an Equals6 Group  8. Posting to a Brainstorm discussion.  9. Creating and/or posting to a group discussion  10. Following an organization * (points awarded up to a maximum of 10 organizations)

Please note that when you are posting to brainstorm and/or group discussions that we're looking for substantive posts.  Use your discretion of course, but before you're selected for an award we check postings to ensure that they either elicit positive thought and dialogue and/or contribute to a discussion in an engaging manne

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