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Is Equals6 just for Students … ?

No way! Approved employers and educational institutions are also here to find you – the bright and motivated talent they are looking for. Let’s face it - you have talent and they want it. With Equals6 you can find student and graduate portfolios so your organization can attract the talent you're looking for.

After all, part of building your success means making good decisions about choosing the right academic programs and schools, financing with scholarships and connecting to meaningful jobs - full time, part time or just for the summer….

The bottom line is we encourage employers and educational institutions to join so you have access to them…and they can also find you.

So you’re an employer or school recruiter – why would you join Equals6?

  • You`re looking to engage with bright and motivated students from all backgrounds and that’s who you will find on Equals6.
  • You want to develop your organizational brand - make people understand who you are, what you do, and the exciting opportunities you have to offer.
  • You want to recruit top talent students with excellent portfolios.
  • You want to promote your brand to a targeted market of students and graduates through a variety of channels

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