Equals6 for Schools

We encourage universities, colleges and other academic institutions to develop a strong presence on Equals6. Schools are able to complete a profile, post events such as recruiting fairs, and offer scholarships through the site. Schools will benefit from joining Equals6 via:

  • Brand-building: Schools will generate awareness amongst Equals6' student membership.
  • Event and Scholarship Promotion: Schools will be able to promote key events to the membership and offer scholarships through Equals6.
  • Recruiting: Equals6 will provide participating schools with tools to find the right students. For example, you could create a list of high-school students in Ontario that are interested in Engineering, and then contact each of those students.
  • Competitions: Schools can sponsor and judge Equals6 academic competitions, thereby interacting directly with motivated students and identifying top talent.

If you are looking for an efficient and innovative way to reach top students, contact us today.