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Many students today face a financial roadblock to education. With our new crowdfunding platform, you can make an investment in tomorrow’s leaders. Donation levels start at $10, and you can target your support to a specific region or create your own named scholarship and direct it to your favorite school.

Since 2011, Equals6 has awarded more than 140 scholarships worth in excess of $40,000 and managed scholarships on behalf of many organizations. We will donate an additional $50 to the first 20 successfully funded scholarships each quarter.

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Top Talent Scholarship Success Stories

Heather P

The Starving Artist Scholarship

I was ecstatic when I heard I had won the E6 Starving Artist scholarship. Itís great to know my hard work paid off! The Equals6 team has been such a great help to me; I really appreciate all of their work to support students, itís a wonderful opportunity for us.

Clarissa A

The Starving Artist Scholarship

By winning this scholarship from Equals 6, it will help me with my education. Iím going to an art University to continue my study and to develop my artistic ability. Iím planning to save the money that I receive from this contest to help me pay for my university education next year.

Evan Phinney

One Month Scholarship, It ends March 1st

This One Month Scholarship comes at a great time for I have just finished my first year at Acadia University and am already starting to save for my second year!

Mikaela Z

US and Canadian Students - Top Talent Scholarship

I hope to attend McGill in September 2013 to study Psychology with an ultimate goal of studying Neuroscience in Year 2. Thanks to Equals6, I am even closer to this aim; this scholarship will help me with tuition for next year, thus making my dream a reality.

Tanja Zerulla

US and Canadian Students - Top Talent Scholarship

Brainstorms, my favorite aspect of equals6, provide stimulating conversations with like-minded people. I am studying fish physiology and plan on attending a marine fishes course at Bamfield Marine Sciences Center, which offers field and lab experience not found in normal lectures. This scholarship would go towards that unique course.

Amber Reigottie

US Students - Fall 2012 Scholarship

Equals6 has helped me meet others with the same goals as me, who have the same dedication to nursing. This scholarship will help me pay for the very high costs of the nursing program I am about to begin.

Jerelle Jones

US Students - Fall 2012 Scholarship

Equals6 is a creative tool when it comes to connections worldwide. I have the ability to engage with other people in the same career field to share among current issues, find strategies towards employment opportunities, and most beneficial in giving scholarships. I intend to use this scholarship towards my school tuition as I am going into the field of elementary teaching in kinesiology and music. Thank you Equals6!

Joshua E

Scholarship of the DEAD

Equals6 has provided me with a great opportunity to further my education. The money I receive from with the Scholarship of the DEAD will be go towards my continuing education next year.

Caitlyn Kohlhorst

US Students - Fall 2012 Scholarship

Equals6 has been a great reference as I start my college career. Any scholarship money is greatly appreciated and I am very thankful for this scholarship. I plan to use it to help pay for my tuition. Thanks again Equals6 for providing me with this scholarship.

Sarah Nutbrown Bourdeau

Who's the best Doctor Who scholarship?

I plan on using the Doctor Who Scholarship for helping to pay part of my up coming tuition to Simon Fraser University to continue with my BFA of Theatre Production and Design. My experience with has been great. I've had access to so many scholarships because of it!

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