Equals6 Portfolio

Whether your interest is achieving an academic or career goal, your Equals6 online portfolio is the place to start.

Your Equals6 portfolio is an organized and purposeful statement of who you are. It allows you to display knowledge, understanding, skills, accomplishments, interests, and achievements over a period of time. This is a key component that you need to be successful in your academic and career pursuits.

Your portfolio permits employers to see who you are and to understand what you're about. Success in starting a career is about building a network and forming relationships. Never forget that people hire people - it seems self-evident but career building is about successful relationship building.

Your portfolio allows you to get your brand and message in front of the right people in order to start to foster key relationships. It is about showcasing your skills, talents and passions. The portfolio provides a much wider and well-rounded picture of who you are and that's what you want an employer to see. A one or two page resume simply doesn't cut it. Make sure you fill in your goals, skills, experiences, examples of your work and referrals. All of these elements help an employer to find and identify you as someone they should recruit.