Degree: BSc Bachelor of Science
School: McGill University
Location: Montreal
From: 2012
To: 2015
Degree: Diploma
School: Marianopolis College
Location: Westmount
Completed: 2012
School: College Regina Assumpta
Location: Montreal
Completed: 2010
Experience & Achievements
Personal Goals
Qualification for 2014 Club Crew World Championships in Italy
Qualify for the 2014 CCWC Dragon Boat Championship in Italy with the 22D U23 Men's team from Montreal (TrueGrit).
Short Term - Less Than a Year
Tour Europe (Italy, Germany, France, England, etc.)
Take a month off in summer 2014 after IDBF CCWC to travel across Europe.
Medium Term - One to Three Years
Medal at 2012 IDBF CCWC in Hong Kong with TrueGrit U23 Mixed Team (Achieved July 2012)
Time Resolve Unity Eagerness Greatness Respect Integrity Trust (TrueGrit) During the 2012 Club Crew World Championships in Hong Kong, our crew has won two titles: 1. Standard Boat Mixed U23 2000m 2nd Runner Up (Bronze) 2. Small Boat Mixed U23 Open 200m 2nd Runner Up (Bronze) I am now looking forward to stay in the U23 division and train to qualify for CCWC 2012 Ravenna, Italy.
Short Term - Less Than a Year
Qualification for 2015 Canadian National U23 Dragon Boat Team
I wish to become a member of the Canadian National U23 Open/Mixed Dragon Boat Crew to represent Canada at the International Dragon Boat Federation World Championships in Ontario. Gotta keep up the training!
Medium Term - One to Three Years
Complete the MCATs & Obtain a satisfactory score
I want to complete and excel at the MCATs in order to get the required scores for medical school admissions in USA and Canada.
Short Term - Less Than a Year
Find an undergraduate researcher position at McGill University
I want to be exposed to scientific research at McGill University this summer in order to apply what I have learn in my core science classes. I will be a great experience and certainly a perfect opportunity to work with some of the most bright scientist out there to (who knows?) discover some new genetic functions or a new cellular mechanism.
Medium Term - One to Three Years