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School: Citadel High School
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
From: 2010
To: 2013
School: Sacred Heart School of Halifax
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Completed: 2010
Degree: Graduation
School: Citadel High School
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Goal Date: Short Term - Less Than a Year
Description: I plan to graduate from the International Baccalaureate program in 2013 and hope to have a score of above 38 points.
Degree: Undergraduate Degree
School: McGill University
Location: Montreal
Goal Date: Short Term - Less Than a Year
Description: I hope to attend McGill University starting September 2013 to study Psychology, and in my second year I hope to be accepted to their renowned Neuroscience program.
Experience & Achievements
Having been a Junior Leader at Chocolate Lake Recreation Centre for three years and a full Leader for two, I have been exposed to a variety of ways to become a better leader. I attended YES Camp in 2008, took workshops on working with others in a leadership role, and have been trained for being a camp leader by HRM Recreation. \\n\\nAs well as being involved with HRM Rec, last year I was a camp counselor for Camp Treasure Chest, run by the Lung Association of Nova Scotia. My responsibilities as a counselor were even greater than before and I found that my leadership skills developed further over the course of the camp. \\n\\nBeing an assistant coach for a U14 volleyball team has given me a chance to really expand into a leadership role. I enjoyed the opportunity to teach new skills and even run practices by myself, allowing me to understand the importance of being a strong leader. I have learned so much through this and I can only hope that I have become a more confident leader t
Future Career Goals
Long Term - More Than Three Years
I would like to combine psychology and neuroscience by going into the field of behavioral neuroscience.
Personal Goals
Explore 2012
I was recently accepted to the Explore program for this summer; it is a five-week program that immerses students like myself in a fully French environment to teach us the values of the Francophone culture as well as furthering our French language skills. My goal is to successfully complete the program and emerge with new capabilities to aid me in the future as I search for jobs and other opportunities in my life.
Short Term - Less Than a Year
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