Summer Internship: Work or Vacation?

So its summer break already. This time of year again? The countdown is finally over. For some students, you have an entire 2-3 months of pure bliss waiting ahead of you. But, this might be the time to get that internship you been wanting to do out of the way. I have a little story to tell, I have a family member entering her college senior year this fall. Her fabulous schedule consists of working 9-5 at her internship. It technically is her last full summer and working like crazy isn’t so great. The internship itself is fantastic but I understand the urge to be free. What is the best choice for you? Here are some quick and easy ways to start weighing out your options.

Summer Plans
Did your friend text you about the beach this Friday? While you can’t expect to know all your summer plans, it’s best to schedule in all potential vacations. Don’t surprise your employer by making them question if you will ever show up for work!

Work Schedule
Maybe 5 days a week is too much. Never hurts to figure out a way to make your life easier, right?! Doesn’t a Monday-Thursday schedule sound awesome? You must speak up about your availability.

Negotiate Flexibility
Okay, you decided to stick it out at stay put. Well, you ARE the intern aren’t you? If you were a full-time employee it would make sense you had to commit to 9-5 schedule 5 days a week. But, let say you have dinner plans or need to leave early. Don’t be afraid to talk to your employer about having some days.

Other Options
Not in the mood for a full time gig? You do have options. You could always volunteer at local organizations. Plan your own schedule around volunteer events. You can gain valuable information and career skills from being a project volunteer leader.

Have fun this summer and don’t forget to grow.

Melissa Matos