What The F?

An F!!!

There is nothing worse than that moment when you have realized you have just failed a class. Thoughts start racing through your head…Will mom and dad find out? Will this prevent me from ever getting a good job? Will I get kicked out of school?

I know from experience how bad failing a course can make you feel. For me it was a complete shock. I was always a straight A student in high school and had never failed at anything, yet there I was in my second year of university with a couple of F’s to show for all of my “hard” work.

What did I learn from that experience?….Don’t stress!! Failing happens to all of us at some point in our life. We are not defined by the mistakes we make, we are defined by what we do when we make them. Here are some things YOU can do to make sure that you put that failure in the rear view mirror just like I did!!

Take one last look at the F you just recieved and then file it away under E for experience. The next course you take has A written all over it!!