How To Navigate A Networking Event

Nothing thrills me more than an excellent networking event. I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Creative interns and WeWork Labs. Feels like yesterday I was graduating college looking for a job.

Remember your first networking event? Lets get nostalgic here, think back! Remember the suit you wore to your first professional event? You were probably super excited to pick it out. Recalling the business cards you had to make? Probably by Moo or Vista Print. My first networking event well…was interesting. I had just graduated college a month earlier and ended finding a professional networking event in my neighborhood. Not gonna lie, the event…it wasn’t very “professional”. It was more like a big pick up scene at some local bar. That is why you have to pick and choose your events carefully.

I was very excited to be invited to WeWork labs and Creative interns event. WeWork labs, for those who don’t know, is the place for start-up to grow. Also, we had the pleasure of working with Creative interns (Click here to read Marc Scoleri’s Recent Blog Post).Creative interns is the place for those looking for great tools for those in the creative industry.

So this networking format was different from what I am used too. It was a handful of great of employers and prospective students mixing and mingling. The employers had to give 30 second pitches about their company and then students could pick and choose who they wanted to talk to. Cozier setting than most career fairs or networking events isn’t it?!
Got to talk to some fantastic students and many opportunities. It got me thinking about the art of networking. Equals6 offer great opportunities online and resources for mastering the skill. Attending at least one networking event monthly is a good practice for building your contacts list. Makes your life and your job search a whole lot easier when you know a whole lot of people.