Educational Skydive: Top 5 Ways Jump Right Into Any Project

I started telling people late last year I wanted to do something crazy, stupid, and adventurous.  I guess skydiving was the answer to my “problems”. Why do it? If you can find the courage to jump from 3000 ft, you can bet everything else will seem much easier. A few weeks before my grand skydive, I had to do a task that was pretty scary for me: A quick speech. Isn’t public speaking the worst? By nature I’m not a shy person but, like the rest of the world, speaking about a certain topic for more than 30 seconds in front of big crowds…ain’t my thing. Approaching my destination for the sky dive got me thinking about conquering fears. Fear is a natural part of life and an essential emotion. Nobody on this earth is fearless. From a potentially bad and daunting experience like jumping out of a plane I was able to learn some things that not only made it a wondrous experience, but could be applied to any fears we face.

//Planning Ahead//

I had to travel a little out of my way in order to get to this skydive center. I’m one who doesn’t leave the house without a google maps print out and I am always prepared with alternative directions. When you have an important project or presentation, it is great to plan ahead: Practice your speech, go over your presentation, and edit your documents. Do you home work before hand.

//Expected The Unexpected//

You know what really sucks? Getting to the half way point, about an hour out, the clouds turned grey. I made a phone call to the Skydive center and found out there was a 50% chance it was not going to happen. In life, this kind of stuff happens. I mean come on! When does anything go according to plan? I made a decision to keep going forward. Worst that could happen is that I didn’t jump. When something unexpected happens you have to ask yourself one question: What is the worst that could happen? Deal with the reality of the situation and make a decision. Trust me, it always seems to work out in the end with the right mind set.

//Lighten up a little//

I got there early and had the pleasure of meeting my jump instructor. He was super funny and calm. That helps when you are about dive out of a rickety little plane. When facing a fearful situation having a friend or colleague calm you down always put you in a great state of mind.


Okay, it the moment of destiny. I’m 3000 feet in the air looking down and the coast line of the Hamptons (you really can’t appreciate the view when you are scared stiff). That very second, right before the dive, I could only do one thing…breathe. Just take a few deep breathes and take the plunge.

//Pat Yourself On The Back//

The moment is over! Your feet are planted back on the ground. Maybe it went very well or maybe it went very wrong. Don’t forget to give yourself some credit. Whatever fear you had to conquer… did it!!!

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