2014 Student Recruitment Survey

An Equals6 Research Report

Get key insights into how to effectively recruit and motivate today’s students with the 2014 Student Recruitment Survey from Equals6.

Equals6 Research Report

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We surveyed 6000 high school, college and university students about career choices and what influences their decisions. The report focuses on four key areas:

  1. The job search
  2. Work preferences and compensation
  3. Mobile technology and social media in the workplace
  4. Skills development and training

Did you know…

  • That 91% of students would relocate for a new job?
  • That 25% expect to access Facebook from work?
  • That 42% seek professional mentorship?

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Equals6 is the online community where students compete for exclusive scholarships, make valuable connections and discover top employers with exciting career possibilities. Equals6 also serves as a social meeting place where students form groups, share ideas and hold lively discussions. As a social recruiting platform, Equals6 partners with select employers to provide its student members with career opportunities.

With a student membership of 75,000, Equals6 offers custom research and surveys to employers and educational institutions.